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Experience & Projects

We partner with our clients.  As you will see we have a very successful track record in the public sector because we understand the government environment, the political sensitivity and high profile nature of working in governments.  Our client list includes:


Calypso Wireless

The City of Houston

The District of Columbia

Brentwood Community Foundation

The City of Dallas

Barnes & Lenoir

Harris County-Houston Sports Authority

Here are some examples of our project experience:

SMS provided executive leadership as CFO for Calypso Wireless.  We prepared MD&A discussion for the 10Q and 10K filings as well as reviewing all financial reporting.  We served as lead negotiator for the sale of the company and advisors to the Board of Directors and handled all SEC inquiries.

SMS assisted the Chief Management Officer of Washington D.C. (CEO) with redesigning the budget process and briefing the Control Board (a public board enacted by Congress), Council and Mayor on budget issues.  Ms. Dotson became very active in the operational affairs of the District and was asked to serve as Interim Deputy Chief Management Officer for Washington D.C. 

SMS participated in a large Budgeting for Priorities engagement for the city of Dallas.  We worked with the Police Department management and staff to develop their priorities in light of budgetary restraints.  Those results were reviewed with City management and the City Council in public sessions and revised accordingly.

SMS   was a subcontractor in a project to review the Public Works Department of the City of Houston and served as a project lead for the review of the organization and processes of the design staff.  Recommendations were made for a complete reorganization and system and control improvements.

SMS performs compliance reviews in the form of single audits for federal funds received by METRO.  Internal controls are reviewed and tested during this process.  We also review the internal controls and compliance for reporting to the FTA for the National Transportation Database.

SMS oversaw the Management Reform initiatives (turnaround initiatives) and more than a $100 million budget allocated to the District from Congress for reforming government operations.  Significant process improvements were made in departmental operations.

SMS served in the role of CFO and managed all accounting and finance functions for the Harris County-Houston Sports Authority.  We worked with investment bankers during preparations for bond sales and served in the role of advisor to the Treasurer, various committees and the Chairman of the Board.

SMS manages the accounting function for clients including the Brentwood Community Foundation.

SMS performs IT services for several clients including Barnes & Lenoir, the office of Dr. Annette Howard, and the office of Dr. Williams.