S m a r t  M a n a g e m e n t  S e r v i c e s ,  I n c .


Our Services


helps organizations solve business problems.  We don't just study - we implement!  We are problem solvers who partner with clients to visualize how to deliver their services more cost efficiently and effectively.

What makes us better is that we have worked in government and corporate worlds.  Our solutions are not theoretical they are based on changes we have made where we worked or for our clients.  To make change, your workers must believe the changes can work.  We have been there.  You get “Big 4” expertise for far less cost from people who have been where you are.

Business Process Improvement

Every day the SMS team works with a singular vision: To find more productive ways of doing business for our customers.  Over the past seventeen years, as our clients evaluated their core missions and shed themselves of functions not within their core competencies, we have been there for them, providing them assistance with   improving their business processes.  Whether you are reengineering around a new system you are implementing or just want to make your processes better, we have the consulting talent and experience to assist you.

Improving business practices and employing best practices must include a change management component to track the initiatives and assist with internal communications.

Aligning Budgets to Priorities

In today’s world you must reduce costs, improve productivity and deliver services effectively to achieve higher customer satisfaction.  This can include a project to budget by priorities.  Management, staff and stakeholders must be involved in setting the priorities. Aligning budgets to priorities makes sure your dollars are being spent in accordance with your stated goals.  Outside assistance is usually required as management and staff have their daily jobs to perform as well.


SMS interfaces with clients in a variety of ways for problem-solving.  We assist with compliance reviews and testing for federal grants (Single Audits) and specialized contract reviews and reporting.

Interim Executive Leadership

Many organizations find themselves in need of assistance to implement change, fill an interim vacancy or simply need more executive hands on deck.  We have the experience to walk right in, assess where you are compared to where you want to be and manage to your desired goal.  Our management team has a successful track record and proven experience in management of financial and administrative operations.  We deliver services with a high degree of quality and professionalism.  

Accounting Managed Services

We perform financial managed services for various clients.  We will fully manage  accounting function or oversee your staff and  perform special projects.

IT Services

We are a registered Microsoft Partner.  Our computer geeks provide onsite assistance with networking issues, software installations and upgrades, hardware replacement.  We are different because we are thorough and you don't have to call us multiple times for the same issue.

We have many Physicians as clients and we are exploring products to provide solutions for healthcare reform compliance.